One of the unique SEO work in keyword advertising is Youtube Video Promotion

one of our unique SEO work in keyword advertising is Youtube Video Promotion: It is an excellent way to improve the visibility and dynamic way of business presentation.
For instance, If customer looking for the web design in locally,  he/she will search the website designer in Google with following keywords: “web design + City name.” In our case: web design in San Francisco CA.
Baynetsolution, local web design and building company in San Jose CA. We provide the affordable price of astonishing web design and website. Our company’s web developer will consult your business needs and requirements in an interactive way. also bring your website in excellent search engine optimization with many different ways, such as Yelp listing promotion, business Youtube SEO, Craigslist Ad posting, high-quality blog posting. 
In your Google search result, on top of the search, the Google Adsense will appear first, then Google map of Local business, later organic search results.
Luckily if your website or yelp or youtube video showed, you might have a chance to get a phone call from the customers.
Especially, Youtube Video has small thumbnail size. This is the best eye attracting thing in the search results.
I hope you get some idea from this blog, thanks.